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Effective Bed Bug Treatment in North Carolina

臭虫问题在美国变得越来越普遍. 这些害虫一旦扎根就很难根除, 所以聘请专业人士为你处理这个问题是很重要的. 

Sage Pest Control 家里是否有合格的技术人员可以除掉你家里的臭虫, so you can get a good night’s rest. At Sage, we can help get rid of bed bugs, whether you are in 罗利, 夏洛特, Greensboro,或 surrounding areas.

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If you suspect a bed bug problem, 呼叫 (704) 413-3398 or send us a message online 找一位经验丰富的夏洛特臭虫控制专家来解决这个问题,并提供你需要的服务.

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How to Prevent Bed Bugs

臭虫 often come into your home 当你或游客在其他城市或国家的酒店或旅馆旅行后. 它们可以在没有人注意到的情况下抓住行李箱、人、宠物,直到为时已晚.

How to Avoid Getting Bed Bugs While Traveling:

  • Research your hotel. Read online reviews and look for any reports of bed bugs. Don’t stay in a place that has bad reviews.
  • Inspect your room 用手电筒和放大镜检查床垫, bed frames, and outlets around the bed.
  • Keep your luggage in plastic bags. 这样可以防止臭虫在你住酒店的时候粘在你的行李箱上.
  • Use a luggage rack to keep luggage off the floor and away from the bed.
  • Put all of your clothes directly into the laundry and wash them as soon as you get home from your trip.
  • Store your suitcase in the garage or basement, not in your bedroom.
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How to Tell if You Have Bed Bugs

臭虫的名字来源于它们最常见的地方. 因为这些害虫以人的血液为食,所以它们通常出现在人们睡觉的地方. 

这些虫子会被你睡觉时呼出的二氧化碳所吸引. 当它们咬人时,会注入唾液,在咬过的地方留下发痒的伤痕. 伤痕的出现是多少人发现他们有问题.

What Are the Signs of Bed Bugs?

Do Bed Bug 咬 Itch?

Bed bug bites can indeed itch. They typi呼叫y cause red, itchy welts on the skin. 瘙痒因人而异,但这是对这些讨厌的害虫的常见反应. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, 联系鼠尾草害虫控制中心进行彻底检查和有效处理.


臭虫 are challenging to eradicate for a few reasons. 每只雌虫每年可以产下500多个卵,成年虫可以全年不吃一顿饭. 

这些虫子可以移动到100英尺远的地方寻找可以吃的宿主,它们会开始在家里或建筑物里移动, infesting other areas. 这就是它们如何从单个客房蔓延到整个酒店的原因. 这就是为什么你必须在第一次出现虫害迹象时联系夏洛特的臭虫控制专家.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in 夏洛特

使用正确的产品和保持对细节的关注是成功的关键 getting rid of bed bugs. 当你和夏洛特鼠尾草害虫控制公司的臭虫控制专家一起工作时,你会得到两者. 

我们已经开发出一种独特而高效的检查和治疗方法来消灭臭虫. 臭虫治疗过程的第一步是详细彻底地检查臭虫的存在. 

Because bed bugs are very small and great at hiding, our pest control experts carefully check in:

  • Crevices between carpets and walls
  • Outlet covers
  • Behind loose wallpaper
  • In light fixtures
  • 以及所有其他地区,以确保我们找到并治疗害虫藏身的每一个地方

Once we have determined that your pest problem is bed bugs, we offer the best and safest products for eliminating them. 

Give our 夏洛特 bed bug treatment team a 呼叫 today at (704) 413-3398 or contact us online to schedule a bed bug inspection for your home.


Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?


这是因为这些害虫是夜行动物,也就是说它们在晚上从藏身之处出来. 通常,在白天,它们会找一个小而黑暗的裂缝藏在里面.

Common Hiding Spots for Bed Bugs:

  • Couch cushions
  • Baseboards
  • Seams of mattresses, sofas, and chairs
  • Wall outlets
  • 模型
  • Door or window frames

What Season Are Bed Bugs Most Active in 夏洛特?

臭虫 它们是否在夏季更活跃,因为旺季正在发生 between June and October. 臭虫 thrive on heat and humidity, 这就是为什么它们在一年中最温暖的月份更活跃. 

This means that bed bugs are feeding and breeding more often, making bed bugs more of a problem during the summer. The risk of bed bugs increases the more people travel, 这也是为什么夏天是臭虫肆虐的高峰期.

Still, bed bugs don’t actually die out during the winter. Since they are indoor pests, 它们全年都在繁殖,甚至在寒冷的月份也会在床上繁殖. 在冬季旅行的人应该采取预防措施,避免臭虫问题, just like they would in the summertime.

Summer Bed Bugs

臭虫 thrive in temperate climates all over the world, 特别是在热带地区和美国南部(尽管所有50个州都有报告). 这是因为夏季气候为臭虫繁殖创造了最佳条件,并加快了它们的生命周期. 

How to Check for Bed Bugs 

So, if you’re traveling to another country during the summer, 在坐下或躺下之前检查一下家具是否有臭虫的迹象. 

Furniture infested with bed bugs may have:

  • Reddish stains
  • Dark spots
  • Or tiny eggs and eggshells in the creases

If you buy furniture from a summer garage sale, be sure to check for bed bugs before bringing the pieces home. 你也可以通过使用床垫保护套来减少家具上臭虫的风险, vacuuming frequently, and washing sheets regularly.

Despite what many people believe, 臭虫在冬天不会冬眠,也不会完全休眠. 臭虫栖息在室内,那里的加热器使房子一年四季都保持温暖. 只要有人类为食,它们就会继续繁殖. 

Preventing Bed Bugs in the Winter

在冬季,臭虫的新陈代谢和生命周期确实会变慢, which may mean they are biting less often. 他们也不太可能从一个地方旅行到另一个地方,因为他们在温暖的室内更舒服. 

However, even bed bug eggs are resistant to cold. 臭虫要长时间暴露在零度以下才能在寒冷中死亡. 为了防止臭虫在冬季肆虐,将室内温度保持在77华氏度以下. 

这将减缓繁殖周期,减少臭虫叮咬你的机会. Practice other good habits as you would in the summer, including washing sheets regularly and vacuuming often.

Do Bed Bugs Like Heat or Cold?

尽管臭虫在高温下繁殖,但它们可以通过热臭虫治疗被杀死. 这是用一个特殊的热盒来完成的,它把里面的东西加热到足以杀死臭虫的温度. So, do bed bugs like heat or cold better? The answer is that 它们在两种环境下都能生存,但它们在高温下繁殖得更快.

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